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ANG是什么意思 ANG在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音同义词反义词例句相关

  1. ANG的近义词

  1. Skin is one of the target organs of Ang II and fibroblast is the target cell of Ang II.

  1。皮肤是Ang II的影响靶器官之一,成纤维细胞是Ang II影响的靶细胞。

  2. Recent eidence obtained in itro suggests that the type 2 Ang II receptor (AT2R) mediates the trophic action of Ang II on adipocyte differentiation and lipogenesis.


  3. On Miss Tangs charming, well-proportioned, round face were two shallow dimples


  4. ANG的近义词

  4. The Ang-1 cDNA fragment was amplified by RT-PCR, and then cloned into PGEM-T Easy Vector for sequence analysis. The linear pPIC9K plasmid DNA both ends phosphoric acid base was removed with the law of calf intestines alkaline phosphoric acid enzyme, so as to prevent the one's own ring of plasmid, and then subcloned into Pichia Pastoris Expression Vector pPIC9K.


  5. Chapter nine summarizes the mentalityof other scholars to the demotion and exiles reflected in many scattered works inT`ang Dynasty.


  6. Interviu - this morning, saya pergi ke interviu di st electronics di ang mo kio... what to say?


  7. The expression of Ang-2 increased in neurospongioma cells. Conclusion:Angiogenesis can be induced by neurospongioma cells; the expression of Ang-2 in neurospongioma upregulates and in positive correlation with grade of tumor.


  8. Not only YaoMing brings his basketball skills to USA, but also the hunble ang intergrity manners that only exist in chinese culture.


  9. His company in Ang Mo Kio.


  10. ANG的意义

  10. Relaxs time, I would hope use favorite way to spent it, The end of the mornings course, When my partner Jane said to me, It so happened have two movie tickets, At 19:00, Whether with me together go to watch movie, After my heart feel delight, Though we have been reached before the consensus, Prepare to look at 19:10 the movie, 《Red Cliff》, Actually, I hope to watch a local movie in china, I franked told she i have not seen the movie of the first half, But she said that will not affect, The pm 7:00, I already in the cinema At the door of wait for a long time, Has yet to see my companions, Maybe i in the kill of time, I watch of the film table, Screening of the it seem chinese movie, 《Red Cliff》and《Madagascar》2 Some less the introduction of the movies, Despite I would not be surprise, But I would watch the 《Red Cliff》 should the good choice, I saw Jane, She let me wait a full 15 minutes, I think he will find for themselves better reason, To avoid being late forpsychological, Her own apology for being late because of traffic congestion on the road, Although I am a taxi to the, I feel Chengdu Crowded is Traffic, The sky already dark, The streets are constantly whistle sound, Finally, I can not on forgive her, We enter the cinemas, Cinema is no Imagine as spacious, But is a very delicate environment, The film should have been broadcast, I think we are 10 minutes late, So we quietly went to the location, To watch the movie, I feel to have chinese classical music, To surround the movie, Aslo let me fusion of the atmosphere in China, Maybe the movie has some humorous language, But sometimes have small number of comments Voice, At least that let me feel sick discomfort, We are seriously watch to the movie, Cinema is about to go out, Maybe this is for me is breath of fresh air, The best, But is the helplesss choose, Very fond three kingdoms of my friend, In U. S, They are very fond the Japanese game 《Dynasty Warriors》, They say he is cool, No have complex plot, Can let you full of crazy and direct, These maybe can to me as a reference, Because I do not know three kingdoms of lot, Jane asked in how I feel when, I told her I like Zhou Yu, ,WHich have a scene, When he performed the sword dance when, In front of Xiao Qiao, I feel the ancients are the comfort and fine and smooth, And has a strong China atmosphere, Although in my thoughts, Zhuge Liang is the wisdom, And Cao Cao more are poetry and brutality, Maybe They are contrary, But i not longing the latter, In the movie has a Cao Cao poetry recitation, I ever for that memory, Is clearlr, It makes me feel he to near for me, My favorite watch movie, Maybe in U. S, Many people will because leisure watch movie, In U. S, Movie ticket prices low, That let me feel the can more depth and perfect ANG是什么意思 ANG在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音同义词反义词例句相关 sound quality, In U. S, I only know the Chinese movie is 《Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon》, This is my ever for Chinas thought, Martial arts and essences experience, I like the director Ang Lee, Hes movie has the ease, And sometimes, In heart was very heavy, Without violence, I feel that the oriental atmosphere, And bamboos quiet, Maybe and 《Red Cliff》It is different, 《Red Cliff》s scenes let me feel endless grand, Although i have not seen the upper part, Many Hollywood greats works, Filled more is behind the emotional and caring, They are usually war deep to aware of human nature, Chinas ancient war, Full of alertness, Also is the wisdom of the struggle, Even if I am fell, It still is a beautiful works, But I believe, It will become my forever memory, I like the memory, Chinese movie memory, Although it will never be able to replace the first


  11. ANG的反义词

  11. Recently, accumulating evidence shows that Ang II plays an important role in the development of insulin resistance due to its multi-physical functions, such as interfering insulin signal transduction, inhibiting differentiation of pre-adipocytes, lowering the sensitivity of targeted tissues to insulin, and inducing the synthesis and release of cytokines with negative effects on insulin signal.


  12. (1) Glomerular mesangial cells exposed to high concentrtion glucose, expression of CTGF, Ln and Col Ⅳ were upragulated significantly. Losartan can inhibit the high expression of CTGF, Ln and Col Ⅳ of glomerular mesangial cells in certain extend, but can not restore them to corresponding normal levels.

  结论(1)高浓度葡萄糖能够刺激肾小球系膜细胞外达CTGF、Ln和Ⅳ型胶原卵白;Ang Ⅱ受体拮抗剂Losartan能够正在必定水准上抑低高浓度葡萄糖诱导的CTGF、Ln和Ⅳ型胶原卵白高外达,但不行使其光复至平常秤谌。

  13. Western Seven-Kui, Lou, stomach, Ang, Bi, angle, shape parameters such as the tiger, called for the white tiger Nishinomiya


  14. ANG是什么意义

  14. The present study revealed that Ang Ⅱ have dual effects on the extracellular matrix accumulation in human mesangial cells.


  15. Being different from common film review, my text choose representative objects such as family, homosexuality and knight-errant`s world in Ang Lee`s film, and based on culture-span translation, tries to find the essence of cultural conflict hidden in them.


  16. This volume was compiled by Ang Peng Hwa and Yeo Tiong Min.


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  18. When Lin Ch`ang-min was sent to London on an assignment in 1921, he took his daughter along for company.

  当林 Chang-最小正在 1921 年被送去正在一项义务上的伦敦期间,他带了他的女儿沿着为公司。

  19. 911盘查·英语单词

  19. In this paper, we use new theories and methods of structural Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry to study structural geometry, kinematics and formation condition of combination gas of jiaolai basin, the outcome and recognition are underneath:①By the structural analysis and results of information of Geology and Geophysics, we can draw conclusions that the activity of extension occurred mainly in Laiyang and Wangshi stage, the direction of Laiyang stage is north east-south west ang Wangshi stage is south-north, the main stage of extension is Laiyang stage in Zhucheng seg, the main stage of extension is Wangshi stage in Gaomi and Laiyang seg.


  20. ANG的反义词

  20. Chen zi-ang and Li Bai was influenced by the freedom and furor of Si Chuan culture, on the other hand, Cen Shen was influenced by the Chu culture which had a symbole of romantic myth. On the other hand, the whole society had an esteem of armed force.


ANG是什么意思 ANG在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音同义词反义词例句相关